24 apr 2010: RUMBLE ARTS

APRIL 24th 2010
Benefit event for Rumble Arts, @ The Music Lounge – 3017 W Armitage Chicago, IL

Rumble Arts Center is an all ages, multicultural, community arts organization serving Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. We offer donation based classes in art, music, dance, yoga, martial arts, writing, and performance in addition to regular cultural events. By providing educational opportunities for all ages, we actively cultivate an environment where entire families can come together to learn, teach, and play under the same roof. Our open door policy and sliding scale fees are designed to make it as easy as possible to walk right off the street into a rewarding educational experience, regardless of financial means. We also recognize the value of the space itself and make it available for cheap to free for our instructors and other members of our creative community to use as practice space or host special events. In this way, we build meaningful, mutually rewarding relationships with local artists, our neighbors, and other community organizations that share our vision of making the arts a thriving presence in our daily lives.

arthi meera- http://myspace.com/arthimeera
good night & good morning- http://www.myspace.com/gnagm
leaf bird – http://www.myspace.com/leaf_bird
a wu-li conspiracry – http://awuliconspiracy.com/

suggested $3-5 donation… but buying drinks will get us the cash as well!!!

come out and support a great organization!!!

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