10 feb 2010: MESS HALL

AREA/CPW reading group meeting
@ Mess Hall
6932 N Glenwood Ave, Rogers Park

MEETS EVERY OTHER WEEK: 10 feb, 24 feb…

Theme: Chicago as an Intellectual, Social, and Political Problem ///
1. Chicago: A Success Story, The Economist Magazine, March 2006;
2. Neo-Bohemia: Art and Neighborhood Development in Chicago, Richard Lloyd;
3. Urban Outcasts: Stigma and Division in the Black American Ghetto and the French Urban Periphery, Loïc Wacquant; ///

There will be a second meeting on this topic, which may include a section from Sudhir Venkatesh’s American Project: An Historical-Ethnography of Chicago’s Robert Taylor Homes.
The other suggestions that were floated are:
1. Environmental history: Nature’s Metropolis, Cronon
2. An article on labor history up to the present
3. Labor history and communism in Chicago: First Ten Years of American Communism, Feingold, or Red Chicago: American Communism at its Grassroots, 1928-35, Storch

Wed Feb 10 7pm – 9pm Central Time

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