Museum and a Movie!
February 28th (Thursday) at 3pm
– Come to the National Museum of Mexican Art (free!!!) to chech out their exhibit and afterward we’ll walk (about 15 minutes) to the Biblioteca Popular to get some food, help with set-up, and watch a movie. The movie starts at 7pm. Oh, and the movie is On The Edge:

On The Edge is a documentary covering the brutal murders of hundreds of poor young women in the border town of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, murders that have been repeatedly ignored and unresolved by police and governments since 1993, despite the continued and persistent efforts of family members and activists to obtain justice for the victims. Rather than provide an easy, murder-mystery style solution to the crimes, the film sets out to explain the social, cultural, and economic factors that have created this situation where the killings can continue, and continue to go unpunished. In addition to explaining the circumstances, On The Edge situates the Juarez killings in the context of wider political and economic trends, showing the audience that this is not just an isolated phenomenon in one far-off city, but a glimpse at a nightmarish future for much of the world, unless something is done to prevent it.
(58 minutes, 2006, in Spanish and English with English and Spanish subtitles)

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