28 feb 2010: MESS HALL

Readings: The Return of Political Theatre
Political theatre throughout history has always had a considerable influence on public consciousness and social change. Economic crisis, war, invasion, the rise of religious fundamentalism, violence, poverty and natural disasters are the dominant subjects of today’s human history. Through the exploration of such urgent themes, political theatre is trying to find its flourishing ground once again.
Mess Hall will conduct a play reading series with a meticulous selection of plays written by regional playwrights every season. The February 28 reading and discussion is dedicated to the Middle East.

Caryl Churchill, the prominent British playwright, wrote this controversial 10-minute play in response to last year Israel’s bombing attack and ground invasion of the Gaza Strip which killed over one thousand Palestinians and left many seriously injured.

Continuing the conversation with Caryl Churchill, Deborah S. Margolin wrote SEVEN PALESTINIAN CHILDREN, a 10-minute play for the other, portraying seventy years of the history of Palestine under Israeli occupation.

YOU’RE NOT A MAN! By Ezzat Goushegir is a 15-minute play about the invasion of Afghanistan. Ahmad, an Afghani translator, and two American interrogators working for a military base in Afghanistan, speak about an innocent young farmer and taxi driver who was shackled and brutally tortured for four days at Bagram prison, a detention center 40 miles north of Kabul.

TWO IRANIAN CHILDREN By Ezzat Goushegir is a 15- minute play about two Iranian children coming together after 30 years of separation caused by theocratic regime of Islamic Republic of Iran. This play was written on January 8th , the International Symbolic Work Strike, in Solidarity with the Iranian people

This event is free!

Sun Feb 28 2pm – 5pm Central Time

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