7 feb 2010: MESS HALL

Mess Hall: call for participation
Collectivism After Collapse: Chicago Activist Art Spaces, Collectives, and Projects

Salem Collo-Julin, (Temporary Services) and Nicolas Lampert (Justseeds Artist’s Cooperative) invite any and all Chicago area collectives, collective art spaces, publications, and activist art projects to participate in an exhibition at Mess Hall that highlights your work.
We wish to cover the walls of Mess Hall with show-and-tell displays that are designed by you and best represents your work. This could be an information sheet, photo documentation, copies of your publications, a map, anything that informs people that may or may not know about your project.
This exhibit is in junction with the College Art Association conference in Chicago and a way to inform the out-of-town visitors to the city that Chicago is home to a vibrant art community that exists outside the boundaries of the MCA, the Art Institute and the Riverwest galleries.
Please note that Mess Hall cannot provide digital projectors or laptops for your presentation.

Drop off date at Mess Hall:
Sunday, February 7th , 10:00am-4:00pm
(If you cannot make this time. email Salem or Nicolas to make other arrangements for dropping of your work or scheduling a pick up)
Salem Collo-Julin: salem@temporaryservices.org
Nicolas Lampert: animaltrap@yaoo.com

Exhibit opens:
Friday, February 12th 7:00pm-on


Saturday, February, 13th 7:00pm-on.

(exhibit will remain up for 6 weeks)

Where: Mess Hall, 6932 North Glenwood Avenue (Rogers Park neighborhood.)

The two night event is an open invitation to Collage Art Association conference attendees and the public to come to Mess Hall to informally gather, meet, and learn about Chicago art and activism, including a visual display highlighting many of the current Chicago-based collective art spaces, periodicals, campaigns, and activist art projects.

Mess Hall is an experimental cultural center. It is a place where visual art, radical politics, creative urban planning, applied ecological design and other things intersect and inform each other.

Directions: Morse CTA Red Line train stop; Mess Hall is a
half block away

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