Cabaret of the Damned
($5) benefit for BASH BACK 2, arrested in MN protesting neo-nazis
dec 31/jan 1 @ THE CUNT COLLECTIVE
2340 N Milwaukee
party time

Fuck off 2009! We’re ready for 2010!
To celebrate we’re going to get everyone dancing EVERYONE!

For serious, the music fascism is over December 31 you can expect to hear: riot grrl, pop, hip hop, hard core, electro remixes, indie dance, old
school punk, folk, and whatever else you want.

AND I am happy to announce: the infamous, the fabulous, the scandalous Cabaret of the Damned will be preforming their reunion show!

Get ready mother fuckers it’s going to be a night!

There will be a $3-5 suggested donation as a fundraiser for the Bash Back 2. They were arrested at a Neo-Nazi rally in Austin, MN back in October and they need help coming up with the money for their legal fees. To read more about the action and to see the photos of a glitterbombed Nazi, check out the end of our communique “Bashing Back in the North Star State: A Bashback! Twin Cities Recap.

The legal support website for the Bash Back 2 is http://bashbacklegal.weebly.com/.

See you there!

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