3 mar 2010: MESS HALL

AREA/CPW reading group meeting
THEME: Political Responses to the Present

– Action Will Be Taken: Left Anti-intellectualism and its Discontents, Liza Featherstone, Doug Henwood, and Christian Parenti
– Resisting Left Melancholy, Wendy Brown
– Resignation, Theodor Adorno
secondary text
– Left-Wing Melancholy, Walter Benjamin

you can download the texts at: http://www.dropboks.com (does not work w/Safari)
– click on login
– email address: chicago.political.workshop@gmail.com
– password: 2008marx
– select the AREA/CPW March 4 texts folder

In conjunction with AREA, the Chicago Political Workshop is facilitating a reading group investigating practical and theoretical issues raised by contributors to the AREA #8: Everybody’s Got Money Issues. The impetus for establishing the reading group was an article written by CPW responding to issue AREA #8, which can be found at: http://www.areachicago.org/p/issues/everybodys-got-money-issues/toward-more-coherent-anti-capitalist-theory-and-pr/

Wed Mar 3 7pm – 9pm Central Time

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