6 mar 2010: FLOPSY TEAHAUS

March 6th
at Flopsy TeaHAUS
Haiti / Flor Benefit Show!
featuring performances by:
Lady Death
Dirty Surgeon Insurgency
Burlesque / Drag Kings
and followed by a Dance Party! Spun by:
Dj Sinse
Dj Nikita
Food and Drinks!!
2736 W North Ave – 9 PM – 2 AM

Spinning From PUNK to FUNK and more.

There will also be Delicious VEGGIE Food BY LUPE.

We strongly encourage you to dress up as whatever SUPER HERO OR VILLAIN inspires you! ( Cat woman,Spider man,Chapulin Colorado,Power Rangers, NINJA TURTLES,the Penguin,yo MAMA ect.)

The cost is $5-$10 sliding scale(no one will be turned away) and there will be a cash bar with mixed drinks and beer.

ABOUT FLOR AND HAITI heres more info:

You can learn more about her struggles on the following links.

She is a sister that needs our help.

The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well being…

And as for HAITI

The shock doctrine is the idea that disasters are a chance to push through unpopular right wing economic reforms.

The people of Haiti need help. We must work with them to re-build their country as they want it.

Yet some see this tragedy as an excuse to strip their economy of what assets it has left. Some see the shock of the earthquake as an opportunity to impose unpopular policies on a grieving people.

America’s radical right have long seen disasters as a chance to push devastating policies on the distracted poor. They know it is the only way people will accept their economies being plundered.

This “Shock Doctrine” which brought us General Pinochet and Russian oligarchs is now moving swiftly on Haiti. These are the people who forced through the privatisation of social housing after Katrina – pushing the poor out of their homes without their consent. They used the Asian Tsunami as an excuse to take coasts out of the possession of poor fisherman, and hand them to western hotel conglomerates.

We must help the people of Haiti build a country they want, not one which is forced on them by the people who brought us the credit crunch, South Americas generation of dictators, and George W Bush.

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