16 may 2010: BALL HALL

May 16th 2010:


8pm – 11:30pm

*Plumunion plays a last time in the walls of Ball Hall before Edwin departs.

*Julie Strand is an amazing poet from Milwaukee…
Julie Strand lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is the Education Coordinator at Woodland Pattern Book Center. Currently she serves as an editorial assistant for Tarpaulin Sky, which publishes cross-genre / trans-genre / hybrid forms as well as innovative poetry and prose. Julie’s second chapbook, The Mae West Defense was published by Dancing Girl Press in 2009. Poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the literary journals Caffeine Destiny, FOURSQUARE Editions, Wicked Alice, Arsenic Lobster, WOMB Poetry, Boo: A Journal of Terrific Things, Cant Journal and others. In 2008, her poem “Neon Yellow” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

here are some links to Julie’s work.

*Laboratory dancers perform “the healing song”

*Melissa Czarnik will be doing something… reading maybe/spittin’, she is coming with Julie. here’s what she do on the daily.

*House Noises make some musics.


directions? 773.252.8373

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