3721 W Grand Ave 

We are: Natacha Bob Drew Shawnecee Matt Taylor Al Mia and 4 hens that help us nourish ourselves. More coming soon! Our house is a turn of the century mansion located on Grand ave and Hamlin in Chicago. There’s a little springtime in the back of my mind… 

Logan Square, contact myspace for address

hosts shows in the basement for around $5

2820 W Lyndale Ave

3413 W North AVE

Rumble Arts Center is an all ages, multicultural, community arts organization serving Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. We offer donation based classes in art, music, dance, yoga, martial arts, writing, and performance in addition to regular cultural events. By providing educational opportunities for all ages, we actively cultivate an environment where entire families can come together to learn, teach, and play under the same roof. Our open door policy and sliding scale fees are designed to make it as easy as possible to walk right off the street into a rewarding educational experience, regardless of financial means. We also recognize the value of the space itself and make it available for cheap to free for our instructors and other members of our creative community to use as practice space or host special events. In this way, we build meaningful, mutually rewarding relationships with local artists, our neighbors, and other community organizations that share our vision of making the arts a thriving presence in our daily lives.

1743 N Mozart St

We are a house at 1743 N. Mozart St. in Logan Square interested in hosting and supporting community events. We’re called the Funhouse because our house tilts and we like to have fun.

We are excited to have you at our events, but remember that we are a substance-free, vegan house. Please respect that!

email for directions

i’m an old ballroom/union hall on the top floor of a yellow doored, brick building in humboldt park. eight folks deep. we’re here for shows, performance, skill share, community efforts/organization…so lets kick it. myspace is dying. send correspondence to, or friend us on FB for invites. 

Cermak & Damen

Sandwiched between the two finest dumpsters in Chicago, floating four stories above the planet earth lies the collective household known as MOUNT HAPPY, a place for friends and community members to come and eat awesome dumpstered food, read good zines, organize, and hear some rad music. We are always putting on/setting up shows of some kind so come on in and enjoy yerself, feel free to partake in some freegan goodies, and try to ignore the smell.

• We are a utopian collective household.
• We are against all forms of oppression.
• We strive for positive physical and mental health.
• We are proactive, not reactive in our organizing.

• Prisoner support / letter writing
• Zine writing, copying, distribution
• Anti-war anti-capitalist protests and marches
• Dumpster diving and calisthenics
• Really awesome benefit shows

35th & Halsted

revolutionary collective. derelict warehouse with 3 generations of dust. Our space is pro-womyn, queer friendly, anti-racist, anti-capitalist and sober.
southside 35/halstead–in the heart of bridgeport

dare to struggle, dare to win


1921 S Blue Island

Free Lending Library/Biblioteca Gratis that hosts the Midwest Books to Prisoners project and various community organization meetings. Occasionally throws shows and benefits, has regular film screenings, reading groups and other events. Operates in resistance to forms of oppression. Sober space. All ages.

6932 N Glenwood Ave

Mess Hall is an experimental cultural center. It is a place where visual art, radical politics, creative urban planning, applied ecological design and other things intersect and inform each other. We host exhibitions, discussions, film screenings, brunchlucks (brunch + potluck), workshops, concerts, campaigns, meetings (both closed and open) and more.

643 W 31st ST

The Orphanage has opened it’s doors to Chicago, IL, for the past five years. Housed in the community center of the First Lutheran Church of the Trinity, it runs solely on a volunteer basis. Our gracious volunteers work to sustain the community, giving permananence to the history of the creative space and the church. A simple $5 donation at the door helps support our cause, the church, and selected charities.

Together, we are a group of artists launching an outlet for other creative types in order to invent, share, and participate while supporting the community in which we live.

2966 S Archer

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